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Welcome To Software Tech Support

We Specialize In:
  • Network Support
  • Computer Repair
  • Software/OS Optimization
  • Virus/Malware/Spyware Removal
  • Personal Computer Security

Software Tech Support uses Remote Assistance Technology to safely access your computer. This technology enables our customers to sit in the comfort of their home as our Microsoft Certified technicians do the work to address their computer problem.

How it Works:

With your permission, a small .exe file is downloaded on to your computer. This is the interface through which our Software Technician will communicate with you and conduct the remote support session. The .exe file automatically removes itself from the remote PC at the end of the session.

When our certified technician remotely accesses your computer, you will be able to have our technician fix the issue without having to lug your computer into a local technician or big box retailer, stay connected to the tech via live Chat, receive a detailed Remote Session History and/or permit or deny technician access to all functions. You will also have the ability to stop the Remote Session or disconnect at any time.

By using our Remote Assistance Technology our technicians will be able to quickly and safely clean up your machine or fix the problem that is hassling you. Our team of technicians remotely accesses many machines on a daily basis so we have a tremendous amount of experience. On each session we learn something new, which is always helpful for the next customer. We've got you covered!

Software Tech Support

Software Tech Support is a company dedicated to making your computer experience the best it can be. We offer lots of software and a wide variety of services including (but not limited to) the following:

Software Tech Support carries tons of software for you and your family. Search for the best in anti-virus, data-recovery and disk utilities software along with plenty of other categories. We offer you the option to download free software to try before you buy.

We are here to provide you with not only the best software around but also top-of-the-line tech support. Our professionals are here to help you with all of your computer problems, whether it be virus removal, wireless home network setup or a simple PC tune-up. We offer you the choice of one-time fixes or a subscription to our services!

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